Laboratory and experimental facilities for specific and targeted purposes are installed; standard operating procedures are adopted and adhered to

Recirculating aquaculture system established and used in MSc and PhD teaching and research

Designing a small-scale recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) ideal for Tanzanian conditions


Procurement of materials and equipments for RAS construction


Construction of small-scale RAS ideal for Tanzanian conditions


Promote use of the RAS in teaching and research


Animal nutrition laboratory equipped and used in MSc and PhD teaching and research

Procurement of equipments  and materials for feed stuff analysis


Training staff on the proper use and maintanance of the equipment




Water quality analysis laboratory with basic needed equipment available and used in MSc and PhD teaching and research

Procurement of equipments  and materials for water quality analysis


Training staff on the proper use and maintanance of the equipments



MSc. Aquaculture program operating and attracting sufficient numbers of students

Ten students graduate in MSc. Aquaculture by 2021


Advertise and publicise MSc aquaculture


Preparation of teaching materials for MSc aquaculture


Teaching of MSc. Courses


Teaching RAS course


Teaching Nutrition course


Teaching genetics course (?)


Supervision of research work and preparation of dissertation by MSc. Aquaculture


Conduct a workshop on didactics and pedagogical skills



Two SUA staff complete their PhD in aquaculture


Recruit PhD students


Supervise proposal development and research work of PhD students


PhD students visit DTU Aqua to do coursework and learn experimental techniques for conducting research


Preparation of scientific publications






Research teams involving researchers and postgraduate students have successfully implemented strategic pilot projects and produced results that feed into new research projects, research proposals and research-based teaching

Two research teams established in aquaculture

Establishing research teams


Proposal development by each research team


Conduct a training on proposal writing


Presentation of research findings in scientific conferences


At least two pilot studies implemented in the research teams and integrated into the research based curriculum

Preparation of research proposals by each research team


Impementing pilot projects by each research teams


Preparation and publication of scientific papers









New channels and mechanisms for outreach in aquaculture identified and used

Webpage for aquculture group developed and utilised to dissemmite extension information

Preparation of webpage


Preparation of extension materials


Uploading of extension materials on the webpage


Mobile phone based extension services established

Development of cell-phone based extension information


Linking with mobile phone service providers


Training of farmers on the use of cell-phone based extension information


A strategy for dissemination aquaculture information and influencing policy decisions established for aquaculture  

Development of action planfor identification of priority areas and dissesminationof information


Conduct training and a joint workshop on research based decision making and influence on policy


Preparation and publication of policy briefs






Existing channels and initiatives for outreach are supported for increased access to outreach information and  participation of stakeholders in events




Support online publication of two more SUA based journals


Organise writers workshops, link with professional societies


Support publication of special issues for five SUA based Journals