Laboratory and experimental facilities for specific and targeted purposes are installed; standard operating procedures are adopted and adhered to





 Conduct  needs assessment of the equipment for practical training under Agro ecology PhD programme

Procure  identified lab equipment

Identify Technicians to be trained

 Conduct training of technicians on use and regular maintenance of the equipment

Conduct major service of Lab equipment annually







The PhD Agroecology  program started and research-based teaching is consolidated and expanded






 Publish  information on the approved PhD programme on websites of SUA and Danish partner institutions to raise awareness

Re shape and re run of the three PhD courses as stand-alone courses (Agro ecosystems and climate change, Holistic systems thinking and Integrated crop- livestock- aquaculture biosystems)

Prepare teaching materials for two unpiloted core courses for PhD Agroecology (Agro ecology and sustainable resources management, National Laws and International Agreements in Agro ecology)

Pilot PhD course on Technologies in Agro ecological Pest Management

Conduct workshops on research based teaching for staff teaching the PhD Agro ecology students and include other staff

Rolling out PhD Agro ecology programme







Two SUA-staff complete their PhD in Agro-ecology






Prepare call for research concept note by potential PhD students (announcement for SUA staff to apply for PhD scholarship based on Agro ecology research themes) 

Develop criteria for selecting PhD students (transparent procedure)

Select two qualified staff to be awarded the scholarship

Establish supervisor teams for PhD students

Conduct obligatory course work and research  for PhD students

PhD students submit manuscripts for publication






Research teams involving researchers and postgraduate students have successfully implemented strategic pilot projects and produced results that feed into new research projects, research proposals and research-based teaching



Develop concept notes to describe the research themes 

Consult stakeholders on Agroecology research needs

Initiate and conduct joint research projects involving young staff at SUA and AU

Develop joint research proposals (grants) for submitting to granting agencies (extending beyond BSU III)

Participate in regional and international conferences





Research teams have successfully identified and used new channels and mechanisms for outreach within agro-ecology.




Conduct two webinars on Agro ecology 

Facilitate processing of internship in the University and the host institution

Organize research meeting for postgraduate SUA students and Agro ecology stakeholders (Annual fora)

Organize and participate in multi stakeholders workshops to show-case the work of  PhD students






Existing channels for outreach (e.g. SUA based journals, TV and radio) and initiatives are supported for increased access to outreach information and participation of stakeholders in events. 


Development of content for dissemination  (BSU focus) 

 Development of documentaries (BSU focus)

Move SUA TV to new satellite

Link with internet information systems

Farmers training workshop