Agricultural Value Chain


Expected Output




Operational Innovative creativity laboratory equipped with computers; business analysis softwares (e.g Aspire; Nvivo); data management server and bank (SurveyCTO and Ecoinvent database) and conferencing facilities

Acquisition of lab equipment and softwares:


         - Softwares (Nvivo, Aspire, OpenLCA, SPSS, STATA)


         - data server and bank (SurveyCTO & Ecoinvent)


        - Video Conference facilities


Installation of the conference facilities


2 short-courses per year with min 10 people (including virtual comm)



The three  Post-graduate programs have started attracting sufficient numbers of students

Recuitment of PhD candidates internally, domestically and internationally


PhD courses delivery


        - Internships (list update, industrial matching exercise)


        - Monitoring and evaluation of the PhD courses


Pedagogical and teaching training (inkl. dissemination)



Six SUA-staff complete their PhD in Agricultural Value Chains, Agro-ecology and MSc in Aquaculture

Selection of candidates (two for AVC)


Selection of supervisors and supervision


Study stay in Denmark



Research teams involving researchers and postgraduate students have successfully implemented strategic pilot projects and produced results that feed into new research projects, research proposals and research-based teaching

Two research teams (senior, junior, PhDs, including Danish supervisor)  around a research theme of which the new PhD-position is an integral and important part


Defining the research themes and establishing of 2 research teams


Inception seminar


Implementation of 2 strategic pilot projects  (one for each team)


Identification and Develop 4 Research Proposals (2 per team)


Implement 2 research projects (one per team)


Conference participation for researchers and PhD students




Research teams have successfully identified and used new channels and mechanisms for outreach within and across the three thematic areas.


Tailor made (3-5 days) courses 2 times a year (e.g. standards, circular value chain for stakeholders) involving one DK researcher


Selection of topic and development of the tailor-made courses




Course delivery


*Annual stakeholder workshop/forum (e.g. specific crops, entrepreneurship and innovation) run by the 3 themes


Selection of topic and development of materials for the stakeholders conference


Recruitment of stakeholders


Stakeholders conference


 Survey for internship placements


 Sustaining agribusiness incubator


Agribusiness Forum/feedback meetings/